BENHERO Baby Boys Girls Canvas...

Modelo: N/A
Alto: 6.1 cm
Ancho: 13.0 cm
Largo: 15.0 cm
Alto Empaque: 6.1 cm
Ancho Empaque: 9.4 cm
Largo Empaque: 13.0 cm
Peso: 0.35 lb
The sole is a very soft, rubber that gives well. They also have a slight padding to the insole, nice and cushy for little feet. 
SOFT - Soft, breathable and comfortable. Lightweight and flexible to support natural foot movement
EASY - EASY ON, EASY OFF, easy to slip on and off. the elastic that keeps the moccasin on is well hidden while being worn
CUTE - pretty versatile ,and able to match a lot of different looks
Guaranteed - 100% Guaranteed to return the shoes by free without any reason